Posted by: hope_rising | March 14, 2011

Dear Hope, I’m Here, I’m Waiting.

Hope, please find me.
Find this crack in my home;
slip through it and see me;
see the gaping hole inside my heart.

Dear Hope, please I need you.
I need your proof in the night
I need you to show me where to look
I need you to remind me how to pray.

Hope, I’ve not much strength,
Though all I have I will lend you,
I just need you to find me,
I need you to hurry, I need you now.

Life is changed, life is different
All I knew, I no longer see
All I see, I can’t comprehend
All I feel, I don’t understand.

But hope, I know you’re somewhere.
I trust you’re coming; you’re on the way.
I’m still here; I’m tired and I’m waiting.
Please be beside me, my sweet hope.


As I lay my head to sleep tonight, warmly covered, knowing where my family is, knowing where I will be tomorrow, my thoughts wander to the people of Japan and to the fight that lay before them. I give my prayer tonight, as an anthem to those still alone, still waiting and wondering if anyone knows where to look to find them. I raise my hope to the strength of a nation that will become rebuilt and reborn, one board, one nail, one heart at a time.

– here’s to hope and here’s to beautiful people of Japan. Be strong, live strong, live inside your hope, tomorrow is coming.

I still don’t know what my new rhythm is with my blog, but I will do a couple of posts this week.

Posted by: hope_rising | March 6, 2011

Hope’s Amazing Strength

After 412 consecutive days of original posts, I am going to take a little break, one week. I’m going to regroup a little and return, perhaps with a new format.  I hope everyone has a very hopeful week and I’ll see you again next Sunday!

– here’s to hope!

Posted by: hope_rising | March 5, 2011

Hope Peeks Out!

My very precocious niece, peeking out from behind a mailbox!

Posted by: hope_rising | March 4, 2011

HOPE – Healer of Dreams Gone By

Reminder of the coming spring!

Posted by: hope_rising | March 3, 2011

Hope Wash Over Me

Sunset Cliffs State Park

Posted by: hope_rising | March 2, 2011

Here’s to New Hope

Turtle Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Posted by: hope_rising | March 1, 2011

Risk From Behind Hope’s Shield

Stormy Palm Trees at Ocean Beach

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