Posted by: hope_rising | February 25, 2010

Homemade Hope

Recipe for Hope


  • pen and paper   
  • willingness
  • time
  • candle (optional)
  • flip flops(optional)
  • a quarter(optional)
  • a kiss

Before you begin – give yourself some space, get your pen and paper, light a candle


  1. list  all that you can see that you are grateful for
  2. recall your favorite childhood memory, if you can write about it
  3. think of something someone did for you recently that you appreciate. Call and tell that person thank you!
  4. do an anonymous kindness  (  if you can’t think of anything, put your quarter  in an expired meter )
  5. put on your flip flops and take a walk on the beach, sunrise or sunset are ideal
  6. list at least two dreams in your life that have come true
  7. write about the last thing the universe did to surprise you
  8. if you have a worry, write it down, read it out loud then say “no”, draw an X through it on the paper
  9. write your true desire where the worry was, give it a kiss


Bake as directed below until you can feel your hope rising or until a doubt inserted in the center melts on contact

Hope Yield Focus Intensity Rise Time
Hope for a broken heart heart gentle until you can exhale without hurting
Hope in between dreams mind intense until you can imagine your new desire
Hope to abate worry mind fortified until you can visualize your true desire
Hope for a desired outcome mind fierce all day long; visualize your outcome, believe it
Hope for hope that been lost mind,body,soul tender as long as it takes



As soon as your hope is rising,  let is warm your  your body ( 98.6  ( 37 celcius ) ) , fill your heart and inspire your soul.

High Altitude: swap flip-flops for hiking boots, head for the trails instead of the beach

City Dweller: swap flip-flops for walking shoes. Add a day in the country or city park, find some roses to smell along the way


here’s to hope



  1. My favorite . . . especially for this baker! So cleverly done, and . . . . a great recipe to follow!

  2. It is true, you can welcome hope when you mind, body, and soul are ready to take it in. My husband went to Springfield College, MA, and the focus of mind, body, and soul is on their school crest and in their school motto. It seems as though, as a society, we focus more on the body, and we think of the mind in terms of education, but we don’t always think of the soul. To be human is to focus and take care of all three. This one is a keeper . . . posting this one to see daily!

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