Posted by: hope_rising | November 1, 2010

I Listen for my Hope

Sunset Through the Arches at Balboa Park



  1. Hope….once again this thought-provoking poem has touched my life in a profound way. Que sera, sera….Thanks!

    HTH from LLL Miss D

  2. Miss D!

    I’m so glad you liked it!

    Love your quote from the other Miss D! LOL!

    LLL from HTH

  3. Just well done. I have been to Balboa Park, and I found the architecture inspirational and beautiful . . . like the poem!

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  5. love uplifting messages,
    you are more than welcome to be part of our community.
    thanks for sharing.

  6. Happy Rally, try to make a minimum 18 comments from my participant list by Sunday.

    have fun!

    • I am doing my reading. I sort of lost count! the poems I am reading are so beautiful. thanks for the reminder to comment back to the folks who visited me. I was just working off the list on your site!

      getting there!

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  8. nice poem. reminded me of being caught between two places… purgatory maybe? very effective use of imagery…

    • thanks so much, I really enjoyed your poem as well. This rally is quite fun!


    • thanks so much lynnaima!

      I’m so glad you liked it, I enjoyed yours as well. Beautiful photograph

  10. Hello, how are you?
    return favors to poets who are here for you,
    do 18 NEW comments….
    let me know after you are done.
    Thanks for the attention!
    Happy Saturday! xxx

    here is mine:

    • I finished my 18!

      great experience!

  11. Indeed, here is to hope and everything it can bring! Love the piece, works well with the image! Thanks for sharing with us.

    • thanks so much for the note and for stopping by. I liked your poem as well!

      happy rally!

  12. Seasons come, seasons go and in between are beautiful memories and a beautiful hope! Lovely words…:-)

    Mine is here:

    • thanks so much Amity .. I really enjoyed your poem!

  13. So effective with the picture! Great work!

    • thanks so much ! I’m so glad you liked it!

  14. To hope it is….great work!!

    • thanks so much for stopping by!

      – here’s to hope!

  15. A lovely poem. Here’s to Hope indeed!

    • Hey Malcolm …

      thanks for stopping by!

  16. Well done. An homage to liminal time. I like it.

    Happy Rally days. Hope you enjoy your visitors and vists.

    Poem on …

    • thanks so much .. and I visited your site… it is really beautiful ..

      thanks for stopping by

  17. thank you i have hope too

    • Lola!

      I’m so glad you do! thanks for stopping by .. I really like your blog too..

      have a great day!

  18. Thanks for your comment on my rally piece–I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I love in yours all of the ways you express the time between. Thanks for sharing!

    • Julielaing,

      you are so so welcome! I’m really glad that liked it ….

      – here’s to hope!

  19. Beautiful poem………

    • Rashmi!

      thanks so much for saying so! I’m thrilled you enjoyed it!

  20. hope is always something you’d need to have… life becomes mechanical without hope.
    I’ve written about hope too!
    have a look:

    • Chinmay!

      thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving a note. Your poem about hope is stunning.. thanks so much for bringing my attention to it!

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  22. I lkie evocativeness and minimalism.

    C Murray

  23. I *like*evocativeness and minimalism.

    C Murray

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