Posted by: hope_rising | February 17, 2011

Inspired By the Music of My Hope

One step forward
Two steps back
Then one sure
step forward.

The rhythm of
letting go;

The dance
of moving on.

The power of living life
inspired by the music
of my hope.


– here’s to hope



  1. Definitely took the two steps back today…..thanks for reminding me of Hope….needed that today:)

    • Hey honey!

      Hang in there that step forward is next!

      love you

  2. very beautiful truth. thats the beauty and joy of hope.

    • so true Trisha!

      have a great night

  3. Beautiful…just beautiful. One of my good friends calls it the art of “dancing softly”. Your words depict the same peaceful dance. HTH from LLL Miss D

    • Miss D!

      I love that expression dancing softly … that sits so nicely in my thoughts

      LLL from HTH !

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