Posted by: hope_rising | February 21, 2011

Hope in An Ordinary Day

Pretty ducks at Lake Murray



  1. Awe. Love this poem and the picture. I don’t know how you continuously come up with such great poems…amazing.

    • Hey Mama!

      Howz the head! Good grief!

      love you!

  2. Beautiful … 🙂
    You give us all Hope
    Peace, my friend

    • thanks old friend!

      have a great day!

  3. What a serene picture, just lovely:)

    • aww! thanks sweetie!

      love you stay warm!

  4. Hope…thanks for your gentle reminder today. Beautiful picture too.
    HTH from LLL Miss D

    • Mornin’ Miss D!

      have a most excellent day!

  5. i should repeat what laz said, you emanate hope- a true blessing for all of us. thanks my dear friend.


    • thanks Trisha!

      thanks for the visit!

  6. Beautiful! Thank you. Peace, Sharie

    • Hey spirit teacher!

      thanks for stopping by!


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