Posted by: hope_rising | February 24, 2011

These Are The Pieces of My Hope

A way of thinking and
a style of believing.

The place I am at
and the path that
brought me here.

A humble surrender
to the unknown and
the faith to hold on.

The unrelenting strength
that holds me,
assured and healing,
in the well of possibility.

these are
the pieces of my hope. 

– here’s to hope



  1. Hope…”a humble surrender to the unknown”. It takes great faith to have such hope. Wonderful poem. Have a great weekend! HTH from LLL Miss D

    • Hey Miss D!

      Have a great weekend! Do some hawaii research! you will have fun!

      LLL from HTH !

  2. just beautiful, that surrender needs lots of strength but if we can do it then..

    • Trisha,

      so true … surrender does not always come easy … but once accomplished makes life so much easier to manage.

      have a great weekend

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