Posted by: hope_rising | February 25, 2011

Got Hope?

Sunset on Fiesta Bay



  1. oh wow… that’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Hey Sweetie!

      you are so welcome!

      have a great day ….

  2. Yup…you made me smile with that question! 🙂 HTH from LLL Miss D

    • Miss D!

      If I made you smile … Mission Accomplished!

      have a great rest of the weekend!

      LLL from HTH !

  3. Hi again…I just want to let you know that on Mon. Feb. 28th, I will be posting the book review you wrote for “Growing Up & Liking It” on my blog site. Later on, Fred will also be putting it on my website. Thanks again for such a wonderful review. I truly appreciate it! 🙂

    • Miss D!

      You are so welcome! I am so excited about your book, it was so so inspiring.

      I wish you the best of success with it!

      LLL from HTH !

  4. i am a staunch optimist like you.

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