Posted by: hope_rising | March 4, 2011

HOPE – Healer of Dreams Gone By

Reminder of the coming spring!



  1. Can’t wait to plan sunflowers again! It was so fun to watch their progress last summer. We are going to do a lot more this year….spreading more sunshine.
    Love you.

    • Hey Mama Laz, As I recall those sunflowers were supposed to be pumpkins!!1 LOL …

      Sunflowers are such willing bloomers, you an literally toss the seeds out and those beauties will start to sprout! Enjoy looking forward to time with your little gardner!

      love you right back!

  2. Hope…such powerful words and such a vibrant picture to go with them. Have a most enjoyable weekend. HTH from LLL Miss D 🙂

    • hey Miss D!

      have a most excellent weekend! I did a big run, I’m officially pooped and on the couch!

      LLL from HTH !

  3. One of my favorite flowers. Anything yellow makes a girl happy and hopeful!

  4. this is beautiful, wonderfully crafted and so sweetly true.

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