Posted by: hope_rising | March 14, 2011

Dear Hope, I’m Here, I’m Waiting.

Hope, please find me.
Find this crack in my home;
slip through it and see me;
see the gaping hole inside my heart.

Dear Hope, please I need you.
I need your proof in the night
I need you to show me where to look
I need you to remind me how to pray.

Hope, I’ve not much strength,
Though all I have I will lend you,
I just need you to find me,
I need you to hurry, I need you now.

Life is changed, life is different
All I knew, I no longer see
All I see, I can’t comprehend
All I feel, I don’t understand.

But hope, I know you’re somewhere.
I trust you’re coming; you’re on the way.
I’m still here; I’m tired and I’m waiting.
Please be beside me, my sweet hope.


As I lay my head to sleep tonight, warmly covered, knowing where my family is, knowing where I will be tomorrow, my thoughts wander to the people of Japan and to the fight that lay before them. I give my prayer tonight, as an anthem to those still alone, still waiting and wondering if anyone knows where to look to find them. I raise my hope to the strength of a nation that will become rebuilt and reborn, one board, one nail, one heart at a time.

– here’s to hope and here’s to beautiful people of Japan. Be strong, live strong, live inside your hope, tomorrow is coming.

I still don’t know what my new rhythm is with my blog, but I will do a couple of posts this week.



  1. Beautifully said.

    • thanks sweetie … my heart just breaks for them …

  2. Hope…this is such an incredible poem, filled with deep anguish and despair, yet the simple trace of what Hope can offer. Thanks! HTH from LLL Miss D

    • Mornin’ Miss D!

      I can yet I can’t imagine what those folks are going through. It seems too big, but I know it’s not, they will rise again, the whole world will help them..

      LLL from HTH

  3. Hope, this is beautiful. So many people will take inspiration from this post, not just in Japan, but also in Christchurch, Brazil and Australia.

    Natural disasters aside, I think this is a poem that most people can identify with.

    As for finding your new rythym, I am finding that many bloggers are facing the same challenge at the moment, myself included.

    • Phoenix,

      Thanks so much for stopping by. And I so agree, so many places, so many people need hope right now. So many things are happening that feel so out of control. Hope from within, is what we have to rely on, along with each other.

      thanks for the commiseration about finding my groove … I’ll find my way I’m sure… I popped over to your blog, your niece is very talented! Great story

  4. Beautifully said. My prayers are with the Japanese. And also, other places where disaster has struck.

    • I think they all need our prayers and support, it is only getting worse now with the radiation. I am very worried for them … but I am just hoping that things improve and very soon…

  5. this was a very touching poem HR. my prayers are with you too. hope they will soon leave these days behind completely.

    • trisha,

      I so agree, I just want them to be safe, find their new normal and move on.

      thanks for stopping by!

  6. so happy to have you back.

    • THANKS!

      see you for the poetry round on Thursday!

      • missing you!

        • Thanks so much Trisha ! I will be back! I’m regrouping but still here!

          • i am eagerly waiting for your posts, your blog and posts mean a lot to me.

  7. Such a poem…..struck deep with me! I will also dedicate my prayers to the people of Japan. The footage is disturbing to watch yet awesome and unnerving to see the strength of the sea. The whole thing is overwhelming from abroad. I cannot imagine the impact of its reality. Thanksfor sharing.

    • Thanks Eileen …

      It is very intimidating. I loved today the story about finding the little baby, 4 month old who got separated from her parents. The parents made it and then the rescuers found the baby! She is one blessed soul! I bet she does something amazing!

      keep on praying!

  8. […] the heart of what the people of Japan might be feeling right now. Please take a moment to read: Dear Hope, I’m Here, I’m Waiting.  Thanks […]

  9. You give us hope!
    All the Best,

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