One Hundred Days of Hope

originally posted April 27, 2010 , as the 100th entry of this blog


Hope is a choice.

If I have learned nothing else in the past 100 days I have learned that. 

Like many people I have my demons and negative thoughts that tug at me. Choosing hope means, with the occurence of such thoughts, I remember that they are just thoughts, and are only afforded the life I allow them. 

With the fall out of the adoption, I came to see my life through the lens of all I had lost. Choosing hope means, that on a daily basis, I notice and treasure all that I do still have. In that I find the vision for  all I still can have.

I find myself in between dreams. Choosing hope means recognizing that, in the space in-between dreams, my treasures are found right where I stand. It is up to me to look for and cherish them.

I have learned that grief is a profound emotion. The journey through it can sometimes lead down paths that feel hopeless. That feel lonely. That feel twisted with anger. Choosing hope means, that even if my grief insists I take that path, my spirit can insist as strongly I don’t dwell there.

I have, above all, been convinced that gratitude is the key to hope. Hope is to cherish a desire. Gratitude is to cherish all desires, fulfilled thus far.

There is so much that I am discovering about hope but these have become the more poignant awareness of my discovery thus far.

Moving through this process of hope is changing me. While it does not feel finished, and I don’t know where it lands, I’m so glad I am here doing it.  I am so grateful to all who inspire and encourage me and to the cast of characters that have played any part in making me feel whole again. In making me feel hope again.

– here’s to 100 more days in the pursuit of hope and here’s to hope



  1. First of all . . . I love being in a cast of characters that are connected to hope . . . nice. I also like that you are reflective. As a teacher, 100 days is always a day of reflection. Some classrooms celebrate 100 days of school. A little over 1/2 way through the year, I reflect on where I have been, where I am now, and how much more I have to do. It is always good to look at the path that takes us from one place to another, to reflect on past years . . . where was I this time last year in my teaching. You ask yourself, “Am I on track, do I need to improve something from last year to make it better this year . . . and so on.” Reflecting on hope is always a good thing, but as a person reading your journey, to answer your question . . . I think you are right . .. gratitude is connected, discovery is connected, and inspiration is connected . . . connected to hope. Sweet!

    • Hey there!

      I love that you often connect your reflections though your experience as a teacher. Talk about being in the business of hope! That is your full time job!

      thanks so much for being in my cast of characters! It would not be the same scene without you!

      – here’s to hope!

  2. I absolutely agree with the idea that hope is a choice, as is so much else in Life, to live, in itself is a choice. If folks can grasp and understand the amount of influence they can have and the difference they can make in this world IF THEY CHOOSE TO.

    -here’s to hope!

    • thanks so much for stopping by and most especially, thanks for your comment. I so agree, I think people are very unaware of how powerful they are and how much of their power is locked inside their hope!

      Hope is definitely a choice.. thanks so much for pointing that out here.1

      have a great day, and by all means, come back soon!

  3. inspirational…


    award notice,
    Happy Wednesday!
    Link a poem to Jingle Poetry potluck if you can, I value your support!

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